Strange Behaviour

Me: Everyone has their own way of dealing with this situation, don’t they?

Nell: What situation?

Me: The Mystery of the Stuffed Tiger.

Nell: You’re supposed to be resting, not worrying about all that.

Me: Poppy’s being rather impressive.

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: She sits on her bed of cushions in an aloof and haughty manner refusing to give the Stuffed Tiger the time of day.

Nell: You do realise she has her sword under those cushions.

Me: The Stuffed Tiger doesn’t know that.

Nell: I think it might.

Me: Harriet, on the other hand, has become quite fierce and provoking.

Nell: I’m not sure fierce is the right word.

Me: You should have seen her raising her hindquarters and showing her teeth.

Nell: Hindquarters?

Me: Yes, you know that thing Poppy usually does with her bottom in the air. It’s almost like they’ve swapped roles.

Nell: Moving on, Miss Maple is extremely impressed with Lionel King’s behaviour.

Me: Really?

Nell: Yes. So much so that when she and Sally were out pursuing that lead I told you about they decided to buy him a necklace.

Me: A necklace? For Lionel King?

Nell: It’s more of a medallion, actually.

Me: Like a medal for good behaviour?

Nell: Yes. It’s going to be presented to him this afternoon.

Me: That’s absolutely outrageous.

Nell: Calm down, or you’ll get another migraine.

Me: They can’t give a medal to that lion.

Nell: Well, they are. At 3:30pm followed by afternoon tea. All are invited. Wear a hat.

Me: I’m not coming.

Nell: Your decision.

Me: Knitwear Wolf can’t be happy about this.

Nell: Rupert is going to put it around Lionel’s neck.

Me: Unbelievable.

Nell: Try and stay a little open minded, please. Everything happens for a reason.

Me: Okay. Sorry.

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