Me: We have been a bit quiet over Christmas haven’t we because we were busy.

Nell: Quiet is definitely not the word I would use.

Me: You were very patient in the main.

Nell: What do you mean in the main?

Me: I think you may have grumbled at baby Jonathan Sky and you definitely grumbled at the puppies.

Nell: As you can clearly see from the photo that baby was hammering right next to me when I was trying to rest.

Me: He is adorable. The puppies love him especially Harriet.

Nell: Harriet loves everyone and they love her. I’ve had to talk to her about showing a little more restraint.

Me: Dave is not good on restraint either.

Nell: David doesn’t know the meaning of restraint. Apart from the fact that he is the biggest Labrador puppy the vet has ever seen he goes and gets his ear sliced in two on Christmas Eve. 

Me: It wasn’t his fault, Nell. He got in the way of some dogs dashing for the ball on the beach.

Nell: Blood everywhere and then you and Kev go dashing off to the vets taking Chris as well. David has to have surgery and stitches and I am left entertaining our guests.

Me: I know Nell but Christmas Eve was actually rather lovely in the end. Everyone mucked in and helped and then Dave was able to come home.

Nell: We were all glad to see him.

Me: We were.

Nell: You drank far too much champagne.

Me: I did.

Nell: And the next morning that baby was hammering again!

Me: That’s a family Christmas for you. 

Nell: David did a good thing by the way.

Me: Really? What did he do?

Nell: He ate the baby’s hammer.

Me: Why didn’t you stop him?

Nell: Don’t be ridiculous. 

Me: Ok. Sorry.

Book · Winter

The Devon Way

Me: Have we got everything ordered? It’s nearly Christmas.

Nell; Relax. Let’s walk on the beach and surf a few waves.

Me: We don’t have the time, Nell. Why are you talking like the surfers?

Nell: What can I say? It’s the Devon way.

Me: I suppose it is. Take things slowly and enjoy life.

Nell: Do you fancy a hot chocolate on the beach?

Me: I would love one.

Nell: Yes, and we can go through your list.

Me: Thank you. That’s really helpful.

Nell: It’s the Devon way.

Me: Yes.

Nell: My present needs to be at the top.

Me: I know.

Nell: I asked for a ball.

Me: I know. You keep reminding me.

Nell: It’s the Devon way.

Me: How can that be the Devon way? Reminding people is the opposite of the Devon way.

Nell: It is what it is.

Me: You are so annoying.

Nell: Hot chocolate?

Me: Yes please.

Nell: Want to try the waves?

Me: Not really.

Nell: Walk on the beach then? Feel the wind in our hair?

Me: Yes. I know it’s the Devon way.

Nell: It’s our way now.

Me: Yes. Happy Christmas.

Nell: So, first on the list is a new ball for Nell. Come on don’t dawdle. Get writing.

Me: Sorry.


Happy First Advent

Me: Nell and I want to say Happy First Advent everyone!

Nell: Where did you get that photo?

Me: I found it. The hat suits you.

Nell: Absolutely typical. You will have the puppies dressed as angels next.

Me: That’s very unlikely. The way they have been behaving.

Nell: Every Christmas you get carried away.

Me: I love Christmas.

Nell: Did I see you come home from the Christmas market with a donkey?

Me: You might have.

Nell: And a tatty old mouse?

Me: Maybe.

Nell: And a very small bear?

Me: I couldn’t resist her.

Nell: Her?

Me: Her name is Bella and she likes gig racing.

Nell: What on earth is that?

Me: Something to do with boats.

Nell: Words fail me.

Me: She is ever so sweet.

Nell: Gig racing. Unbelievable.

Me: Sorry.