Me: Your coat is very shiny, Nell.

Nell: It’s the sea water. You should try it.

Me: It’s a bit too cold for me. Harriet seems to like it.

Nell: She is doing well but David is a little more hesitant.

Me: Girl Power.

Nell: Are we back in 1991? 

Me: I’m just saying that you girls are braver than Dave.

Nell: Yes. And you.

Me: But Mutley is braver than any of us. He strides into those waves like Neptune, God of the Sea.

Nell: Have you been drinking?

Me: Of course not but The Mutt is so brave.

Nell: Mutley is a 14 year old Patterdale quietly enjoying his new life by the sea. 

Me: Yes.

Nell: Get a grip.

Me: Sorry.

Nell: Neptune. Good grief!

Me: He’s my Neptune, Nell.

Nell: I know.



Nell: Why did you choose that photo?

Me: It’s you and our beach.

Nell: My face is sandy and it’s poor quality.

Me: I know but people can get the feeling of our new life here in Devon. Our sunset walks.

Nell: Sandy and a bit blurred.

Me: Actually, Nell that sounds about right.

Nell: It’s been an exciting few weeks. I am extremely proud of the way David and Harriet coped with the journey.

Me: Yes, they were really good. You all were.

Nell: We discusses it beforehand and knew you and Kev needed our support. I laid down a few rules.

Me: There were a lot of boxes weren’t there.

Nell: We managed.

Me: This place is so amazing and I love to see you all running on the beach.

Nell: The sea is a little cold and David and Harriet are over familiar with strangers.

Me: Yes, they do like to socialise.

Nell: I was talking to David about his boisterous behaviour. Rolling that dog over to play bitey faces was not acceptable.

Me: It’s his favourite game with Harriet and he doesn’t know his own strength. Luckily the owner understood that Dave is still a puppy.

Nell: Never mind the owner, it’s the dog. Would you like to be walking along minding your own business when a giant puppy leaps on you?

Me: He hasn’t done it again, Nell.

Nell: Of course he hasn’t. I told him not to.

Me: We love it here, Nell, don’t we.

Nell: We do.

Me: The green hills, the red earth, the beautiful beaches.

Nell: Yes. 

Me: And the peace and quiet, Nell. It’s wonderful.

Nell: I agree. Especially the quiet.

Me: You can really relax and breathe and centre yourself.

Nell. Good grief. If you mention the wind in our hair I am leaving.

Me: It is lovely though. The wind in our hair.

Nell: That’s it.

Me: Sorry.