Nell: So this must be Harriet.

Me: Yes. Your little niece. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Nell: Very tiny.

Me: Yes. She is a lot smaller than the others.

Nell: Others?

Me: There are 8 of them but don’t worry we know we can’t have them all.

Nell; Good grief.

Me: Although I adored Freddy and Kev loved Fluffy.

Nell: Stop right now.

Me: You would love them too if you saw them.

Nell: But I didn’t.

Me: No.

Nell: You went to my family home without me.

Me: We did.

Nell: You tore the family apart.

Me: That’s a bit much, Nell. The puppies all have to go to new homes.

Nell: You do realise the implications of this. The weight of responsibility.

Me: Yes of course. Kev and I know we will have a lot to do.

Nell: You? I’m talking about me. As their aunt I am going to be responsible for their upbringing.

Me: I suppose you are.

Nell: I didn’t even have a say.

Me: No.

Nell: You never think things through.

Me: No.

Nell. Big Dave and Baby Harriet.

Me: Yes. But I know you will be wonderful with them.

Nell: Sometimes I think you forget I’m a Labrador not Mary Poppins.

Me: Sorry.



Nell: Who is that?

Me: Well, you know I have been a bit down.

Nell: Yes, we discussed the situation and I was kind.

Me: You were.

Nell: I’m still waiting to know about that strange animal.

Me: He’s not a strange animal Nell. He’s a baby Labrador.

Nell: With mud on his head.

Me: He had Weetabix on his head the time before.

Nell: What do you mean “the time before”?

Me: I’ve visited him a few times.

Nell: What!

Me: At the stables where you were born.

Nell: What!

Me: He’s your nephew. Your sister Maisie is his mother.

Nell: Ah, just a family visit then.

Me: Sort of.

Nell: There is more?

Me: He’s called Dave.

Nell: That’s a ridiculous name. What was Maisie thinking!

Me: I like it.

Nell: Go on. There’s more. I can tell.

Me: The thing is…

Nell: Spit it out for goodness sake. 

Me: He’s coming to live with us.

Nell: I beg your pardon.

Me: Dave is coming to us with…

Nell: With what? A fanfare?

Me: With his little sister Harriet 

Nell: His little sister Harriet!

Me: Yes.

Nell: This conversation will continue.

Me: I know.

Nell: The days of kindness are over. Things will be said.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Dave and Harriet.

Me: Yes.

Nell: I’m expecting a photo of Harriet.

Me: I will post one next time.

Nell: I knew that.

Me: Of course you did. Sorry.