Nell is one of five dogs living with Sara and her husband Kev in a picturesque cottage near the sea in the South Hams, Devon, England.
Nell is a 7 year old black labrador and a wonderful character. She is wise beyond her years and mistress of the put down. Sara is usually on the receiving end of this and drives Nell mad with her vivid imagination. Nell’s accomplishments are quite frankly beyond belief. She is a professional ballroom dancer, golf pro, former matron, hairdresser, the list goes on. Her Lady Macbeth is renowned. Nell moves in high circles, attending the Royal Wedding as a close advisor to Harry and Meghan and engaging readers with her inside knowledge. She has an extremely soft spot for Kev who can do no wrong. Nell lost her heart a while ago to a handsome German Shepherd called Charlie who works for MI5.
Mutley is a 15 year old rescue Patterdale who has toured the United States with his swing band and is going deaf. He is a business dog and entrepreneur owning restaurant chains such as Pizza Mutt and MuttDonalds. He is also reputed to be one of the East End dogfathers.
Poppy is 5. She is a Maltese/Yorkie cross and a bit of a wild child. She loves baking and cooking, playing the saxophone and flying helicopters. Her scones are renowned worldwide. She recently dressed up as St. George and never travels without her sword. Poppy is engaged to John the Doberman who runs the local Starbarks.
Dave and Harriet are labrador puppies and Nell’s real nephew and niece. They are nearly 2. Nell is responsible for their upbringing and takes this very seriously.
Dave is a black labrador and a great big softy. He adores singing and surfing. Nell calls him David. He often gets things wrong but is hugely endearing. A visit from the postman, Tony, is the highlight of his week. He loves nothing more than to dance and entertain especially with little Gladys, a black Pomeranian who usually sleeps in Nell’s handbag. His best friend is The Cat who lives in the Big House. Dave is desperately in love with a beautiful Golden Retriever called Sally who also works for MI5 with Charlie.
Harriet, his twin sister, is a delicate, pretty, chocolate labrador and her kidnapping had hundreds of people checking their phones and tablets for updates. She is sensible and level headed with a beautiful singing voice and recently played Maria in a local production of “West Side Story’ with her boyfriend Jim the Farm Dog. Harriet spends a lot of her time looking after Dave when she isn’t being a double agent, of course.