Happy First Advent

Me: Nell and I want to say Happy First Advent everyone!

Nell: Where did you get that photo?

Me: I found it. The hat suits you.

Nell: Absolutely typical. You will have the puppies dressed as angels next.

Me: That’s very unlikely. The way they have been behaving.

Nell: Every Christmas you get carried away.

Me: I love Christmas.

Nell: Did I see you come home from the Christmas market with a donkey?

Me: You might have.

Nell: And a tatty old mouse?

Me: Maybe.

Nell: And a very small bear?

Me: I couldn’t resist her.

Nell: Her?

Me: Her name is Bella and she likes gig racing.

Nell: What on earth is that?

Me: Something to do with boats.

Nell: Words fail me.

Me: She is ever so sweet.

Nell: Gig racing. Unbelievable.

Me: Sorry.

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