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The Devon Way

Me: Have we got everything ordered? It’s nearly Christmas.

Nell; Relax. Let’s walk on the beach and surf a few waves.

Me: We don’t have the time, Nell. Why are you talking like the surfers?

Nell: What can I say? It’s the Devon way.

Me: I suppose it is. Take things slowly and enjoy life.

Nell: Do you fancy a hot chocolate on the beach?

Me: I would love one.

Nell: Yes, and we can go through your list.

Me: Thank you. That’s really helpful.

Nell: It’s the Devon way.

Me: Yes.

Nell: My present needs to be at the top.

Me: I know.

Nell: I asked for a ball.

Me: I know. You keep reminding me.

Nell: It’s the Devon way.

Me: How can that be the Devon way? Reminding people is the opposite of the Devon way.

Nell: It is what it is.

Me: You are so annoying.

Nell: Hot chocolate?

Me: Yes please.

Nell: Want to try the waves?

Me: Not really.

Nell: Walk on the beach then? Feel the wind in our hair?

Me: Yes. I know it’s the Devon way.

Nell: It’s our way now.

Me: Yes. Happy Christmas.

Nell: So, first on the list is a new ball for Nell. Come on don’t dawdle. Get writing.

Me: Sorry.

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