Another Migraine

Nell: What are you doing?

Me: Writing today’s conversation.

Nell: You woke up with another migraine this morning. You’re supposed to be resting.

Me: I can’t let everyone down.

Nell: They’ll understand.

Me: Just tell me if Sidney saw anything on his webcam.

Nell: Sidney is in a meeting with Henry and Horst. We’ll know more later.

Me: What about Miss Maple?

Nell: She’s pursuing an interesting lead.

Me: On the Stuffed Tiger?

Nell: No. It’s an actual lead. The Cat saw it in one of the local shops and thought it might be just the thing for Poppy.

Me: It’s a shame Poppy has to be on a lead when we go on our walks but she’s simply cannot be trusted to behave.

Nell: Kindly stop writing and drink your tea.

Me: I can never eat or drink much when I have one of these migraines, Nell.

Nell: You need to try.

Me: This isn’t the best way to start the week, is it?

Nell: It is what it is.

Me: These wretched headaches have plagued me my whole life.

Nell: I know but there’s no point in fighting them. You just have to give in. Tomorrow is another day.

Me: At least it isn’t raining today.

Nell: Exactly. Gladys and the llamas were able to glide in the field without Wellington boots.

Me: Did Dave join in?

Nell: Yes, although the top hat and cane were a little unnecessary.

Me: He’s going through a Fred Astaire phase. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: I think Sally being here has made him a little giddy.

Me: Talking of giddy, I think I might have to lie down now.

Nell: Good. I’ll close the curtains and you try and sleep it off. We will all be fine.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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