Harriet Tries to Stay Alert

Me: I wish it would stop raining.

Nell: You and me both. Now, you had a nasty migraine yesterday evening so it’s a quiet day for you today.

Me: Fine. It is Sunday after all.

Nell: Yes. Harriet is keeping your chair safe downstairs.

Me: Safe from what?

Nell: The Stuffed Tiger, of course. Who knows where it will go next.

Me: I don’t want it taking my chair.

Nell: Don’t worry. Harriet won’t let that happen. She has been told to stay alert.

Me: That’s going to be difficult. Harriet usually falls fast asleep when she’s on my chair. It’s very comfortable you know.

Nell: She will distract herself by playing Cheeky Animals and Raising a Paw.

Me: How does Raising a Paw help you stay awake?

Nell: It’s extremely tricky.

Me: I don’t mind if she falls asleep. If I find that Stuffed Tiger on my chair I shall simply throw it off.

Nell: You can’t do that. You don’t know what might happen. Best to ignore it.

Me: I hope you’ve moved Sunday Songs inside. The Welsh Corgi choir can’t sing in this rain.

Nell: They have boots and mackintoshes. They’ll be fine.

Me: Are you going outside then?

Nell: Don’t be silly. I shall listen from inside.

Me: You won’t hear much.

Nell: It’s the thought that counts.

Me: Not when you’re singing your heart out in the rain.

Nell: There’s hot tea and warm scones waiting for them inside when they’ve finished. Don’t fuss.

Me: They should be allowed inside now.

Nell: They can’t come inside until Henry and Horst say so. The surveillance team are busy putting measures in place.

Me: What measures?

Nell: Sidney the Spider is busy setting up his webcam and it might take a while. Satisfied now?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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