Sara is a Grumpy Guts and Nell Chivvies her Along

Nell: Come along now. Stop dawdling. Let’s see a spring in your step.

Me: It’s so wet and miserable, Nell. I think I might have lost my spring.

Nell: Just keep walking. The others are far ahead of us now. Look at David rolling on his back.

Me: Activity fields aren’t much fun in the rain.

Nell: Yes, they are and there’s a nice cup of tea and one of Poppy’s scones waiting for you when we get home.

Me: If there are any left after yesterday’s Hang the Medal on the Lion celebration.

Nell: Don’t be such a grumpy guts. Lionel was extremely honoured by his gift.

Me: He doesn’t deserve it.

Nell: That remains to be seen.

Me: He wears it all the time, even at breakfast.

Nell: Yes. That’s the whole idea.

Me: I’m surprised Henry and Horst were involved.

Nell: They enjoy a party as much as the next woodlouse.

Me: And what was that wild dance about?

Nell: Gladys likes to demonstrate her feelings through interpretive dance, you know that.

Me: I didn’t expect Lionel to join in. I’m surprised the medallion didn’t fall off.

Nell: Yes, we were all most relieved. Gladys did well.

Me: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Nell: I know why you’re grumpy.

Me: Do you?

Nell: Yes, you’re seeing the dentist later and you don’t like dentists.

Me: I don’t mind the actual dentist. It’s the rest of it I’m not keen on.

Nell: Nobody is. The best thing to do is just grin and bear it. It’ll be over soon.

Me: Yes, you’re right.

Nell: Now, one more turn around the field and then we can go home.

Me: Thank you for looking out for me, Nell.

Nell: You and me always. Remember?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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