Marvin has a New Coat

Me: Look at the photos Chris sent me from Toronto. Marvin has a new coat. Doesn’t he look wonderful?

Nell: I’m not wearing one.

Me: You don’t need one. We don’t live in Canada. It gets very cold over there.

Nell: Don’t let the llamas see it or they’ll all want one.

Me: Shannon made it herself. Isn’t she clever?

Nell: I’m not sure Marvin would agree.

Me: Chris said Marv wasn’t keen at first but they need to keep him warm.

Nell: I told him that in my Young Animals Mentoring Group on WoofsApp.

Me: So you knew about his new coat?

Nell: Of course I did. I keep a close eye on all my Young Animals, especially those whose start in life has not been the easiest.

Me: Yes. Thank goodness Chris and Shannon rescued Marvin when they did or he wouldn’t have had a life at all.

Nell: Best not to dwell on that.

Me: You’re right except to say thank you to all of you out there who have rescued animals.

Nell: Absolutely. Now, I need to discuss yesterday’s unexpected visit to the vet.

Me: It was your yearly vaccination and check-up.

Nell: David and I had no idea we were going.

Me: Kev and I thought it best not to bother you. The vet was pleased with you both. Dave weighs 47 kilos as usual. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. You need to lose a little.

Nell: Moving on. Why were Poppy and Harriet left at home?

Me: We couldn’t manage you all. They’re going next week.

Nell: David got extra cuddles with Chloe while I was with the vet.

Me: I know. She was delighted to see him. She said he was a lovely big boy.

Nell: Chloe is my person.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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