Done and Dusted

Nell: Now, you had a bad night so you’re going to have a quiet day today.

Me: I’m in rather a lot of pain this time.

Nell: That was to be expected but never fear we are here.

Me: You’re certainly keeping close by my side.

Nell: Of course we are.

Me: I think Dave’s struggling a little with staying close but not too close.

Nell: David knows he has to be very careful around you which is not easy when you’re a large animal.

Me: Bless him. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: So, the operation went extremely well.

Me: It did and thank you for all the messages of support.

Nell: They’ve removed a large area around the original scar.

Me: Yes. I have 14 stitches.

Nell: The lovely lady Diane who performed the procedure didn’t want to leave it at 13 so she put another one in.

Me: She did and I’d like to thank her for looking after me so well.

Nell: She was there for your first procedure too, wasn’t she?

Me: Yes. She’s one of those no nonsense type of people.

Nell: Which is exactly what you need in situations like that.

Me: You would know.

Nell: These things are best done and dusted.

Me: They are. My special nurse Sophie popped in to see me.

Nell: She will be looking after you over the next year.

Me: Yes, I’m seeing her in 3 months and can call her if there’s anything I’m worried about.

Nell: All you have to do now is rest and recover.

Me: Yes. I think today might be a pyjama day.

Nell: The llamas would agree.

Me: Have the bowler hats and spectacles gone?

Nell: Unfortunately not. Now, back to bed, please. You need to rest.

Me; Yes. Sorry.

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