David tries to stay awake and Poppy reschedules her course

Me: You know how much I appreciate you all watching over me, don’t you?

Nell: It’s no bother.

Me: Can you tell Dave he doesn’t actually have to watch me?

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: I can tell that he’s really tired and he’s trying to keep his eyes open.

Nell: David takes his job extremely seriously.

Me: It’s absolutely fine for him to have a little nap.

Nell: No, it is not. You don’t see me sleeping on duty.

Me: You do it all the time and so does Harriet.

Nell: That’s where you’re wrong. We are just pretending to be asleep.

Me: You were snoring, Nell.

Nell: All part of the pretence. We obviously had you fooled.

Me: Where’s Poppy?

Nell: She’s gone with Kev to have her hair cut and nails trimmed. She wants to look sleek and dangerous for her sword awareness course in London next week.

Me: Wasn’t it supposed to be last Monday?

Nell: Yes, we cancelled. We didn’t want to be away from you before your operation.

Me: Bless you. Did the sword awareness people understand?

Nell: They’re cats so there isn’t a lot of understanding going on but they accepted our request and rescheduled it for this coming Monday.

Me: So the course is run by cats?

Nell: Yes. Cats are excellent swordsanimals. Everyone knows that.

Me: They don’t exactly stick to rules.

Nell: They do if they’ve made them.

Me: I can’t see Poppy listening to a cat.

Nell: She’ll have to if she’s wants to keep out of jail.

Me: Will you and Rupert be going in with her?

Nell: We’ve been invited on board.

Me: Where on earth is this happening?

Nell: The Cutty Bark.

Me: The historic sailing ship in Greenwich?

Nell: Of course.

Me: Gosh. Sorry.

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