Friends, Beefies and Poppy

Me: The love between Dave and Tony is wonderful to see.

Nell: They’re the best of friends.

Me: Do you behave like that when you see Dorothy?

Nell: My friend Dorothy and I are lady dogs of a certain age. A quiet nod is all that’s needed.

Me: Is it just me, or have the Beefies been suspiciously quiet lately?

Nell: There’s a rumour going around that they have turned minimalist.

Me: Really? Seagull colours have always been muted but I can’t see them giving up their wigs and sombreros any time soon.

Nell: That’s what I said to Pamela.

Me: The Pyrenean Mountain Dog?

Nell: Yes. We were having tea at Starbarks and she said she’d noticed one earlier staring in the window of ‘Less is More’.

Me: The Maine Coon Sisters’ minimalist shop in the High Street? Is it open?

Nell: Not yet and there’s nothing much in the window. Goodness only knows what the Beefy found so fascinating.

Me: Isn’t Starbarks more of a coffee place?

Nell: Not necessarily. John the Doberman is a charming manager. He has all number of drinks available. Hot and cold. And a delightful selection of muffins.

Me: Do you think Poppy will ever agree to marry him?

Nell: No. Poppy is a free spirit. She won’t ever give up her independence.

Me: Poor John. Condemned to spend the rest of his life Pining for Poppy.

Nell: John’s not the pining type. He’s happy with things as they are. Poppy can be quite a challenge you know.

Me: I do.

Nell: I’m afraid she’s started to explore her more piratey side.

Me: What do you mean?

Nell: She’s taken to wearing a cutlass in her belt.

Me: I didn’t know she wore a belt.

Nell: That’s not the point.

Me: No. Sorry.

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