Cardigans and Curry

Me: Is my poor Big Brave Beautiful Boy being rationed because of the Plated Meal Incident?

Nell: No. He had three rounds of toast with his boiled eggs this morning. Why?

Me: He’s eating a towel.

Nell: He just likes something to chew on. Would you mind letting Harriet and I sleep now? We have a busy day ahead.

Me: I’m not sure toast is enough.

Nell: David is perfectly fine. He has a glossy coat and bright eyes. Stop fussing.

Me: Talking of coats, have you seen Knitwear Wolf’s summer cardigan?

Nell: No. I haven’t spoken to Rupert yet. He went out early to deliver the papers.

Me: It’s in a lovely sandy sort of colour and really suits him.

Nell: Rupert can carry off a casual cardigan with consummate charisma.

Me: Yes. He’s definitely the most stylish wolf I know.

Nell: You don’t know any other wolves.

Me: But if I did, Knitwear Wolf would win paws down.

Nell: Win what?

Me: Nothing.

Nell: Never talk about winning if there isn’t a prize.

Me: It’s just a saying. Like currying favour.

Nell: Don’t bring curry into this, please. It’s far too early in the day to be discussing spicy food.

Me: Never mind.

Nell: I shan’t be able to go back to sleep now.

Me: Oh good because all this talk of cardigans and curry has got me thinking.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: Do you think Poppy would put on a curry night?

Nell: Maybe.

Me: Entrance could be only if you’re wearing a light cardigan.

Nell: Don’t be ridiculous.

Me: It would boost sales of Knitwear Wolf’s summer line.

Nell: I suppose it might do.

Me: And guests would be stylish and warm on the inside as well as the outside.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: Sorry.

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