Some of Us Had Two Dinners

Me: Another lovely day on the beach.

Nell: Yes, it was delightful.

Me: Just what we needed after that delicious roast dinner.

Nell: Some of us had two dinners.

Me: One and a half to be fair. Dave didn’t eat the whole plate.

Nell: All I can say is that it’s lucky The Cat has a small appetite.

Me: And knows Dave really well.

Nell: I don’t understand how the mistake happened. It isn’t exactly far from here to the Big House.

Me: He thought the gravy was leaking so he had to check.

Nell: And was it?

Me: Not exactly, but it was dangerously near the edge of the plate.

Nell: You don’t lick other people’s food. It’s simply not done.

Me: He was just trying to help.

Nell: Imagine if waiters did that in restaurants.

Me: I would rather not.

Nell: ‘Excuse me, madam, but I had to lick your scone. The cream was dangerously close to falling off.’

Me: Unlikely to happen as you put the cream on yourself.

Nell: You know what I mean.

Me: You lick each other’s bowls when you’ve finished.

Nell: That’s different. A tidy bowl is a tidy mind. The Cat hadn’t even started.

Me: Maybe that’s all Dave was doing. Tidying up.

Nell: He ate the meat and potatoes and left the vegetables.

Me: They didn’t have any gravy on them.

Nell: He took away the Roastness from the roast.

Me: I did say it was a bad idea letting him take it over.

Nell: If he never tries he’ll never learn.

Me: He was awfully sorry, Nell. He even offered The Cat his apple crumble and custard.

Nell: The Cat doesn’t eat desserts.

Me: How was Dave to know?

Nell: David knew. Believe me.

Me: Yes. He probably did. Sorry.

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