Soothe and Distract

Me: You’re looking awfully serious.

Nell: We are going to have to handle this very carefully.

Me: Handle what?

Nell: Tony’s fall.

Me: Our Tony? Tony the Postman?

Nell: Yes. Tony had a fall down at Bantham yesterday and will be off work all week.

Me: Oh no.

Nell: He hasn’t broken anything but he’s a little bruised and battered.

Me: That’s dreadful.

Nell: It could have been worse.

Me: Did you hear about it from Dorothy?

Nell: No. Dorothy was practising in Paignton with the Portuguese Podenco. Toby told Marvin on our WoofsApp group.

Me: But Marvin is in Canada.

Nell: I know that but he is still part of the Young Animal group. Although, why Naughty Nigel is still on there is completely beyond me.

Me: Nigel has a young nature I suppose.

Nell: Anyway, David doesn’t know Tony has been injured so I am going to have to tell him.

Me: Good luck with that. Dave doesn’t even like going one day without seeing Tony.

Nell: I shall organise bacon sandwiches. They will Soothe and Distract.

Me: Only temporarily. Dave forgets he’s eaten one almost immediately.

Nell: Thank goodness he will be meeting his dance partner soon. It will keep him busy.

Me: Do you know who it is?

Nell: I do and I’m not sure Sally is going to be very happy about it.

Me: Who is it then?

Nell: It’s Rhubarb.

Me: The beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog from Toronto?

Nell: Yes.

Me: Marvin’s friend?

Nell: Yes. Now, I’m going to go and tell David about Tony.

Me: Rather you than me.

Nell: Bacon sandwiches might not be enough. Can you ask Poppy for scones, please.

Me: With jam and cream?

Nell: Obviously. News like this cannot be digested over a dry scone.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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