Gaining Perspective

Me: There’s really nothing like walking on the beach with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: Looking out to sea makes you realise you’re just a small part of something so much bigger.

Nell: I’m not a small part. I’m head judge.

Me: Sometimes you need to gain perspective.

Nell: No, I don’t. My perspective is fine, thank you.

Me: Look at Harriet dancing on the beach. She doesn’t care anymore that Jim the Farm Dog has been partnered with Juanita.

Nell: Why would she? She’s been partnered with Beauregard who is one of the favourites.

Me: I thought Gladys and Count Bingo Flamingo were the favourites, along with Rita Pawreno and Manuel.

Nell: An octopus and a chihuahua. Not an obvious combination, although they both speak Spanish and are excessively flamboyant. I know who have to be the rank outsiders.

Me: Who?

Nell: Alejandro and Malcolm.

Me: Why can’t a flamingo dance with an alpaca? Count Bingo Flamingo is dancing with a Pomeranian.

Nell: Gladys is an experienced Pomeranian and Count Bingo is an extrovert. Malcolm is a shy and polite flamingo who shuns the spotlight.

Me: But Alejandro adores performing. I think they could surprise us all.

Nell: Well, I’m going to be open and fair in all my decisions which is not something I’m expecting from the other judges.

Me: Anton Du Bark will be fair.

Nell: Yes, but Princess is going to like everyone and Lionel King definitely isn’t.

Me: I can see him marking Beauregard down.

Nell: And Stephen Seagull up.

Me: Poppy will like that.

Nell: Kev is going to have his hands full.

Me: Kev?

Nell: Yes. He’s presenting the show with Henry and Horst. Do keep up.

Me: I didn’t know. Sorry.

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