Harriet is Awfully Pleased

Me: Harriet was awfully pleased to see Elliot.

Nell: She flung herself at him. Her behaviour was wild and inappropriate.

Me: She’s very affectionate, Nell. Both puppies are.

Nell: And David overreacted as usual.

Me: He probably shouldn’t have dropped the heavy ball on her.

Nell: Especially as he throws himself at Tony every time he visits.

Me: Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. He wanted a cuddle too. It’s lucky Elliot loves dogs.

Nell: And seals. Princess was very pushy when he went to see her in her pool.

Me: She was just excited.

Nell: Standing on your head with your fins in the air is too much. I hope she doesn’t do that on Strictly.

Me: She wasn’t standing on her head. She just lifted her body into the air. It was very clever.

Nell: And who claps themselves?

Me: It’s a seal thing.

Nell: I hope Elliot didn’t find it all too much. Kev needs his help with the garden and we all enjoy his visits.

Me: Don’t worry. He said he’d be back next week.

Nell: Don’t tell Harriet, or she won’t sleep for excitement. Elliot is all she can talk about.

Me: I wonder what Jim the Farm Dog thinks about that.

Nell: He’s feigning nonchalance.

Me: How do you know?

Nell: He drove past us on the tractor this morning without even a raise of the paw.

Me: I expect he was busy.

Nell: I saw him watching Harriet in his mirror.

Me: It won’t do him any harm to be a little jealous. He danced with Juanita.

Nell: Talking of Juanita. Have you heard the latest?

Me: What?

Nell: That Portuguese Podenco is joining the professional dancers now, too.

Me: I knew he was from Portugal.

Nell: That’s not the point.

Me: No. Sorry.

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