The Right Hat

Me: I’m not sure about either of those hats but if I had to choose I would go for the red one.

Nell: One of them is not a hat, it’s a modest tiara.

Me: I’m not sure you can have a modest tiara. It’s a bit over the top.

Nell: Have you seen what Princess is wearing?

Me: Hers will only be for the publicity photos. The red hat suits you, although the animal print makes me wonder if you’re supporting a certain tiger.

Nell: Beauregard has nothing to do with my choice of hat.

Me: Was it The Cat?

Nell: No. The Cat would never choose anything that discreet. It was Terry.

Me: Terry from Book a Beefy? Terry the seagull?

Nell: Yes, he has a catalogue and he delivers.

Me: Fair enough. Any news on the fourth judge yet?

Nell: Anton is supposed to be ringing me.

Me: You’ve got a missed call on your iBone.

Nell: Have I? It must have been when I popped over to the tree house.

Me: To see Beauregard?

Nell: No, to comfort Oliver. Manuel startled him with a flambéd pancake.

Me: Oh, I see.

Nell: I’ll check the WoofsApp group. There might be a message from Anton.

Me: Is he part of your Book Club?

Nell: Not that group. The Strictly Judges WoofsApp group.

Me: Of course.

Nell: I don’t believe it.

Me: What’s happened?

Nell; We’ve got a new group member.

Me: Well, that’s ok, isn’t it? Your Book Club is open to new members.

Nell: Not the Book Club group, the Strictly Judges one.

Me: Oh, how exciting. It must be the fourth judge. Who is it?

Nell: You’re not going to believe this.

Me: I just might.

Nell: It’s Lionel King.

Me: Now that is unbelievable. Sorry.

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