Hide and Seek

Me: Poppy won again at Hide and Seek.

Nell: Yes, David and Harriet simply couldn’t find her anywhere.

Me: But she always hides behind the tree stumps.

Nell: Not always.

Me: Almost always.

Nell: Sometimes she’s in the big tyre.

Me: True.

Nell: And she walks around the tree stumps.

Me: She finds them immediately.

Nell: Of course she does. How on earth can you hide anything as big as David?

Me: Did you see the tennis? Wasn’t Emma amazing?

Nell: Yes. It is always a joy when a youngster shines.

Me: Shine is exactly what she did. We have a new star.

Nell: Talking of stars, the photo shoot has been delayed so I have a little more time to decide on my hat.

Me: Why?

Nell: Problems with the fourth judge.

Me: Who is the fourth judge?

Nell: I have no idea. They are keeping it very hush hush.

Me: I’m ever so pleased Babycakes Gillespie is entering Strictly. Although I’ll miss the coffee and bagels when he’s training.

Nell: Life can still go on without a morning bagel, you know.

Me: I’d like to see you give up your toast and marmalade.

Nell: Don’t be silly. As if that would ever happen.

Me: Did I hear the Welsh corgi choir belting out show tunes this morning?

Nell: Belting out? They were just singing enthusiastically. You know Sundays are for singing. And roasts.

Me: It seemed a bit louder this morning.

Nell: Were the llamas wearing jumpsuits?

Me: Yes.

Nell: Interesting.

Me: There was an awful lot of cartwheeling.

Nell: I’ve told them not to do that. Were the llamas cartwheeling too?

Me: What do you mean ‘too’? The Welsh corgi choir don’t do cartwheels, Nell? They’ve only got little legs.

Nell: Gotcha.

Me: Yes, you did. Sorry.

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