Happy Birthday Tony

Me: It’s Tony’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Tony.

Nell: We all gave him our best birthday wishes yesterday when he came to say goodbye.

Me: How is Dave coping?

Nell: I’ve told him that Tony is only going to be away for a week but he’s convinced he’s never going to see him again.

Me: He does that when Kev goes to the shops.

Nell: We dogs struggle with the concept of time. It’s why I prefer to accompany you whenever possible.

Me: If we go on book signings we are going to have to find dog friendly places to stay.

Nell: I’m not sleeping in a tent.

Me: Neither am I. My camping days are over.

Nell: Lets be honest, they never really started. You’re not a sleeping bag girl. And neither, come to that, am I.

Me: I wish it would stop raining.

Nell: The Welsh corgi choir were soaked during Sunday Singing.

Me: Why didn’t they come inside?

Nell: Did you notice the alpaca, moose and reindeer in the living room?

Me: It was too cold for them in the barn, Nell, so Kev lit a fire.

Nell: Or the flamingo, seagull, turkey and Canada goose in the kitchen? Not to mention several labradors, two woodlice and a Maltese cross.

Me: Henry and Horst don’t take up much space.

Nell: What about the large wolf in the corner wearing a beautifully soft paw-knitted sweater and reading the paper to an elderly Patterdale?

Me: Knitwear Wolf always joins us on Sunday mornings.

Nell: And one mustn’t forget the feather cloaked Pomeranian performing a contemporary dance watched by a cat in sequins.

Me: When you put it like that the house does sound rather full.

Nell: No room for a Welsh corgi choir, then?

Me: Not really. Sorry.

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