Saturday is Treat Day

Me: Is Mutley having a snuggly day?

Nell: It’s grey and cold. What’s an animal supposed to do?

Me: I thought Sunday was Cuddles Day.

Nell: Yes, but, as I explained to you before, cuddles can be given whenever needed.

Me: Can I cuddle you then?

Nell: Certainly not. I have far more important things on my mind.

Me: The Face of Birdberry?

Nell: That, and bacon.

Me: Bacon?

Nell: Yes. Knitwear Wolf is an extremely good mood this morning. He brought us all bacon, as well as the papers.

Me: I thought we were all on diets.

Nell: Everybody needs a treat day.

Me: Don’t you mean a cheat day?

Nell: No. Treating is not cheating. This is not a sneaky biscuit stolen from another dog’s bowl.

Me: No.

Nell: This is crispy bacon with a choice of red, or brown, sauce packed between two slices of Poppy’s freshly baked bread.

Me: Gosh, I’m ever so hungry now.

Nell: Exactly. If you are going to have a treat day then do it properly.

Me: Why is Knitwear Wolf in a good mood?

Nell: He received his invitation from the Palace.

Me: What about Dave? Has he got an invitation?

Nell: David’s has not arrived yet. Tony will be here later to say goodbye before his holiday, so hopefully he will bring it then.

Me: Does the Queen use the normal postal service then? I always imagined courtiers on horseback arriving with scrolls sealed with candle wax.

Nell: Good grief. Just listen to yourself. Why do you think it’s called the Royal Mail?

Me: Oh yes. Of course.

Nell: What on earth is Gladys wearing?

Me: It’s some kind of feathered cloak. She looks just like a peacock.

Nell: That false beak isn’t going to fool anyone.

Me: No. Sorry.

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