Dave is not happy

Me: Oh dear. Look at that face. My Big Brave Beautiful Boy is not happy.

Nell: I’m afraid David is a little out of sorts.

Me: No bacon for breakfast?

Nell: Monday is cereal day.

Me: He hates cereal days. Couldn’t he have a dippy egg?

Nell: No. Fortunately there’s some roast beef left over from yesterday, so he will be having beef sandwiches for lunch.

Me: He’s missing Tony dreadfully.

Nell: He is not getting a dippy egg, so stop it.

Me: I wish Dave’s invitation from the Palace would arrive.

Nell: Yes. Knitwear Wolf is taking Myfanwy as his plus one.

Me: What are they going to wear?

Nell: They will both be wearing knitted outfits from the winter range. The Cat suggested a long flowing coat and a top hat.

Me: Won’t a long coat be too much for Myfanwy ?

Nell: Not for her. For Rupert. She will be in a twinset and pearls.

Me: But she isn’t that kind of corgi. She’s more bohemian.

Nell: Not at the Palace. Standards must be maintained.

Me: By the way, do you know what these tiny pieces of paper are doing on the kitchen table?

Nell: Those are from Timothy’s art class. Henry and Horst got Highly Commended.

Me: I didn’t know they painted.

Nell: They are extremely creative.

Me: They would need to be. How do they hold a paintbrush?

Nell: They don’t. It’s body art. They roll in the paint and then on to the paper.

Me: Clever.

Nell: Timothy says they have huge potential.

Me: Thank goodness the large beasts didn’t join in. The mere idea of them rolling in paint.

Nell: Quite. They are doing a pottery class in the barn.

Me: Are you serious?

Nell: Do I look like I’m joking?

Me: No. Sorry.

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