David meets Molly

Nell: David is never going to learn.

Me: Learn what?

Nell: Showing Restraint. When one is introduced to someone new, one does not throw oneself into their arms.

Me: I suppose that is a little forward. What happened?

Nell: Tony brought a lovely young colleague of his called Molly to meet us and David overreacted.

Me. My Big Brave Beautiful Boy. He can’t help it.

Nell: Tony is going away for 2 weeks on Sunday but don’t tell David.

Me: Shouldn’t we warn him?

Nell: No. It doesn’t make it any easier. He just dwells on it. Remember when you went to Berlin last year?

Me: When Baby Snail was born?

Nell: Your granddaughter’s name is Faye Raine. You may call her Rainbow but not Baby Snail.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Anyway, where was I?

Me: I was visiting Rainbow.

Nell: Yes, David worried about you leaving for days. We can’t tell him about Tony.

Me: He seems to like Molly.

Nell: He loves Molly.

Me: If we ran a hotel we would put Dave on reception.

Nell: Are you out of your mind? Guests would be dropping like fish at his boisterous welcome.

Me: Don’t you mean flies?

Nell: Certainly not. Beefies don’t drop flies. Nobody would notice. They drop mackerel. Do keep up.

Me: Well, he could carry their bags. He is ever so good at carrying Gladys around in your handbag.

Nell: I know we have a lot of visitors at the moment but we are not going to run a hotel.

Me: Do you know why there are a group of sparrows in the kitchen, by the way?

Nell: Were they carrying paintbrushes?

Me: Yes. Are they doing some decorating?

Nell: No. They are here for Timothy’s art class. Didn’t you see the posters?

Me: No. Sorry.

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