Dogs on Sofas

Me: Can we talk about dogs on sofas for a minute?

Nell: I did enjoy our visit yesterday. So nice to meet your writer friend Anni.

Me: Yes, it was lovely to see her and Brian, too.

Nell: Such a comfortable house and the shortbread was delicious.

Me: We weren’t going to tell anyone about that.

Nell: Really?

Me: Anyway, we still need to discuss the fact that you sat on the sofa. All three sofas to be exact.

Nell: And the views were just wonderful. Those rolling hills. Perfect.

Me: You are doing that not listening to me thing again.

Nell: Anni and I had a lovely chat. She is delighted about Knitwear Wolf and Myfanwy.

Me: The thing is Nell, not everyone allows dogs on sofas. Anni and Brian were fine about it, but we can’t just presume.

Nell: Did I tell you the Beefies have started their own clothing brand?

Me: No?

Nell: It’s called Birdberry. Trench coats, scarves, sunglasses. You know the style.

Me: I noticed they’ve started wearing scarves but I thought the sunglasses were just showing off.

Nell: The trouble is the Beefies are creating quite a buzz with their new campaign. The sparrows were all talking about it at art class.

Me: What campaign?

Nell: They are looking for The Face of Birdberry.

Me: Harriet would be perfect. She’s a spy, so a trench coat and sunglasses are compulsory.

Nell: Honestly, not all spies like to advertise the fact, you know.

Me: True.

Nell: And it’s called Birdberry. The clue is in the name. You need feathers. And before you suggest Gladys, or The Cat, feather boas will not do.

Me: What about Malcolm then? He’s a flamingo.

Nell: Malcolm is a shy trainee chef not an international supermodel.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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