Extra Special Cuddles

Me: Look at Dave. My Big Beautiful Boy has such soft eyes this morning.

Nell: He is having Extra Special Cuddling Time on the big bed with Harriet. I am watching over them both.

Me: Any particular reason?

Nell: It is a wet and windy Monday.

Me: Yes, the weather is awful.

Nell: And he was a Good Patient Boy at the weekend.

Me: What did he do?

Nell: He peeled the vegetables for Poppy’s Cottage pie and then shared it with others.

Me: Good Brave Boy.

Nell: He also played quietly with Henry and Horst while Harriet was reading to Mutley.

Me: I’m having trouble thinking of a game a large Labrador could play with two woodlice.

Nell: Horst and Seek is their favourite.

Me: How do you play?

Nell: Horst hides and David and Henry have to find him. It’s not bucket science.

Me: Don’t you mean rocket?

Nell: No. You can’t measure biscuits with a rocket. Don’t be silly.

Me: Quite. I’m guessing it might be quite a slow game.

Nell: Nonsense. Horst is a master of disguise. Malcolm thought he was a stray peanut a few days ago and was about to put him in the bird feeder. Fortunately his bandana saved him.

Me: I sometimes wonder if Henry and Horst actually say anything. Could it all be in Dave’s head?

Nell: Have you heard some of Henry’s jokes? David couldn’t have made those up.

Me: But has anyone else ever heard them?

Nell: Of course we have. David is always telling them. He has keen ears. I’ve told you this before.

Me: I can tell insect jokes, you know. Have you heard the rumour about a giant butterfly in London?

Nell: No.

Me: It’s probably just an urban moth.

Nell: That’s dreadful.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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