Sunday cuddles

Me: We had a lovely cuddle at the Kingsbridge Show yesterday didn’t we?

Nell: Yes. Sometimes when one has been gazing at farm machinery for hours one just needs a quick cuddle.

Me: I couldn’t help noticing someone’s eaten your new lead.

Nell: It was by mistake. Let’s not dwell on it.

Me: I must say I wasn’t expecting the camels. I knew there would be sheep but not camels.

Nell: Alejandro told me his cousins were performing.

Me: They were awfully polite with beautifully brushed hair. The last camel I rode on in Morocco wasn’t like that at all.

Nell: That was in the 1960’s. Times have changed. The CIA has seen to that.

Me: What on earth has the CIA got to do with camels?

Nell: It’s in the name. Camels International Agency. They fight for the rights of camels all over the world. Do keep up.

Me: I didn’t know.

Nell: You’ll be telling me you haven’t heard of the FBI next.

Me: Of course I have.

Nell: Gull was suggesting Malcolm should join but he wasn’t sure he qualified and there’s a question mark over Timothy too.

Me: Why would a flamingo and a turkey want to join the FBI? And why would a seagull even suggest it?

Nell: All valid questions but Gull says that nowadays Flying Birds International is willing to open its doors to birds who only fly a little.

Me: Words fail me.

Nell: They’d better not.

Me: I’m so glad we gave Gull a chance.

Nell: Yes. I had my reservations at first but Gull’s won me over. It seems it’s possible to have a good Beefy.

Me: The only white sheep in the family.

Nell: Why are you bringing sheep into it?

Me: It was just a saying. Sorry.

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