David takes it too far again

Me: Poor Terry.

Nell: David simply takes it too far.

Me: He’s a Big Beautiful Affectionate Boy.

Nell: You can’t just climb on to someone like that. Uninvited.

Me: He was so pleased to see Terry again.

Nell: Mutley and Harriet know how to behave. Wait quietly for stroking with head bowed.

Me: Dave’s not very good at waiting.

Nell: No. He really isn’t.

Me: How do you feel about a visit to Widecombe Fair today? The weather is looking good.

Nell: Where is it?

Me: Up on Dartmoor. You’ve been there before. You might even see Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

Nell: What are you talking about? I don’t have an Uncle Tom Cobley and who are all? The Welsh Corgi choir?

Me: No. It’s a song, Nell. Although they might be there come to think of it.

Nell: Those corgis get everywhere. They were busking at Covent Garden a few days ago.

Me: Goodness me.

Nell: They borrowed the Whippets Institute minibus and off they went.

Me: Did they visit The Queen while they were in London? Only she has a soft spot for corgis.

Nell: One does not simply turn up on The Queen’s doorstep, corgi or not. The mere idea.

Me: By the way, have you heard anything from Meghan and Harry recently?

Nell: Naturally. Meghan and I swap stories about Archie and Rainbow all the time.

Me: Rainbow?

Nell: Your granddaughter. Formerly known as Baby Snail, actually called Faye Raine and now known as Rainbow.

Me: Yes, I know but why are you swapping stories?

Nell: They are almost the same age. May babies. Rainbow has a little red in her hair too.

Me: Have you seen Archie then?

Nell: Of course I have. I am his dogmother after all.

Me: I didn’t know. Sorry.

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