After the fair

Nell: I am going to need a quiet day.

Me: Yesterday was full of surprises, wasn’t it?

Nell: Of all the things I expected to see at Widecombe Fair it wasn’t Alejandro and several random alpacas in a pen.

Me: I was delighted.

Nell: Or Knitwear Wolf with his own Alpaca Knitwear stall come to that.

Me: He was very popular.

Nell: Yes. People obviously love a smiling wolf in a cardigan.

Me: They do.

Nell: And then the Welsh corgi choir entered the arena dressed as Morris Dancers.

Me: They were awfully good. Those little legs with bells and waving scarves.

Nell: And then Gladys and David started dancing the Pasa Doble.

Me: They got a standing ovation.

Nell: It was a country fair. We were in a field. What were they thinking?

Me: People cheered.

Nell: And just when I hoped it was over the Terrier Racing started and Poppy was leading the field.

Me: She nearly won. That Jack Russell just pipped her at the post.

Nell: I was past caring by then.

Me: How did they all get there?

Nell: The Whippets Institute minibus.

Me: I see.

Nell: I think Alejandro and the Alpacas may have travelled in a Land Rover but I’m just guessing.

Me: Harriet said Jim was involved in the planning.

Nell: Those farm dogs were certainly enjoying the cider. I found Mutley in the middle of them all with a Hog Roast bap and a pint in his paw.

Me: Everyone had a wonderful time. Same time next year?

Nell: Not if I have to share my seat on the bus with a large Bulldog and a greedy Spaniel again.

Me: It was Bark and Ride.

Nell: They were eating pasties. I was covered in crumbs and they didn’t share.

Me: Sorry.

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