Poppy does the Monday thing

Me: Poppy is doing the Monday thing again.

Nell: She doesn’t like them. You know that.

Me: Nobody does, but we can’t all just stay in bed.

Nell: Malcolm says he’s happy to do the early shift on a Monday.

Me: That’s good.

Nell: Toast and marmalade is fine for everyone with boiled eggs for those needing a little more sustenance.

Me: Do you mean Dave and Alejandro?

Nell: Well, they are growing boys.

Me: Harriet was sick last night.

Nell: Yes. I’m keeping an eye on her. She has a delicate stomach so chicken and rice for her today.

Me: I like a nice paella.

Nell: What are you talking about? Harriet is not eating paella.

Me: I know. When I hear chicken and rice I think of paella.

Nell: Paella has lots of seafood and seasoning. Completely unsuitable for Harriet. Some add chorizo but I can’t say I’m a fan.

Me: Kev loves it.

Nell: Each to their own. Gladys will do anything for an Enchilada.

Me: Mutley feels the same way about Cornish pasties.

Nell: That Beefy is back with a bandana and a placard, by the way.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: It says: ‘No labels.’

Me: Is it referring to its bandana? Only Gladys said it has to say GOOD on the label to be real.

Nell: No. It’s saying not all Beefies are bad.

Me: I have to agree. Look at Susan. She’s a lovely seagull.

Nell: Susan was brought up by Humphrey the Heron far away from the evil machinations of Stephen Seagull and his gang.

Me: I say Nell. Machinations on a Monday. Good for you.

Nell: Yes, I was rather pleased with that myself.

Me: I think the Beefy deserves to be heard.

Nell: Not until after breakfast it doesn’t.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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