Crossed Paws, Tails Touching

Nell: I have to say the bond between David and Harriet is wonderful to see.

Me: They adore each other. Where are they?

Nell: In the kitchen Crossing Paws and Touching Tails.

Me: I love it when they do that.

Nell: Yes. David is so relieved that Harriet is off the chicken and rice diet.

Me: He didn’t have to go on it too.

Nell: He insisted. Silly animal. He even sang a song at Morning Thoughts.

Me: About Harriet?

Nell: No. About bacon sandwiches.

Me: Did you know that Knitwear Wolf can sing?

Nell: I did not.

Me: I heard him chatting to Tony about his shanty crew.

Nell: The Old Gaffers?

Me: Yes.

Nell: They aren’t letting him join, are they?

Me: No. He was suggesting knitted jumpers for them all.

Nell: You mean 100% pure wool knitted in a charcoal grey coloured chunky rib loose stitch pattern.

Me: You sound awfully knowledgeable.

Nell: I’ve had to listen to that wolf droning on about it myself. He’s awfully excited about autumn.

Me: Anyway, Knitwear Wolf has a pleasant baritone and is looking forward to the nights drawing in.

Nell: Talking of night’s are you going to Alejandro’s evening class?

Me: I didn’t know he had one.

Nell: Of course. Basic Spanish. Haven’t you seen the Autumn schedule? We’re all involved.

Me: You are?

Nell: Cooking with Poppy, Contemporary Dance with Gladys, Dining with David.

Me: Dining with David?

Nell: You know David has a column in the Sunday Growl.

Me: He does?

Nell: Yes. He’s had it for a while. Do keep up. He‘s very good at talking food.

Me: He’s very good at eating food.

Nell: His last book was a bestseller. You must have seen it. ‘Meals I ate by Mistake’.

Me: I didn’t know. Sorry.

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