No Sunday roast?

Nell: What do you mean no Sunday roast?

Me: I thought we would have a beef casserole instead.

Nell: A beef stew? On a Sunday.

Me: Poppy said it was a good idea and she can make it ahead of time.

Nell: Sundays are roast days. You know that.

Me: Well, we are having a change.

Nell: What about Leftovers Monday then? Have you considered the implications?

Me: There will still be vegetables.

Nell: You can’t have stew sandwiches. The mere idea.

Me: Dave would probably eat them. Vegetables are good for you. Ask James Beddall. He’s a vegetarian.

Nell: Don’t bring Kind James into this.

Me: Just saying.

Nell: Did Knitwear Wolf deliver the Sunday papers?

Me: Yes. He’s having a cup of green tea with Malcolm in the kitchen.

Nell: And his outfit today?

Me: A fabulous knitted jumpsuit in forest green.

Nell: I don’t know what the world is coming to.

Me: I suppose wolves in knitwear drinking tea with flamingos is a little unusual.

Nell: No. I mean green tea. Why not Earl Grey, or even a good English Breakfast tea?

Me: You’re a bit grumpy.

Nell: Yes. I think I got out of my basket on the wrong side today. Apologies.

Me: Don’t worry.

Nell: What’s that dreadful noise?

Me: There’s a Beefy in the garden arguing with Gladys about bandanas.

Nell: Why?

Me: It says it’s wearing the genuine article and Gladys says it’s a cheap copy and Beefies couldn’t be good if they tried.

Nell: She has a point.

Me: Yes, but what if that Beefy is trying to turn its life around? What if GOOD heard about it and rewarded it with a bandana?

Nell: Turn its life around? A Beefy? Only in your imagination.

Me: It was just a thought. Sorry.

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