Tony breaks the rules

Nell: Well, Tony has broken the rules.

Me: He had to give Harriet a cuddle and a kiss.

Nell: He could have remained aloof.

Me: Didn’t you see all the pleas on Harriet’s behalf?

Nell: I did. You ignored me too. I saw you cuddling her.

Me: She’s my darling girl.

Nell: And as for David. Did he think I wouldn’t notice the bacon sandwich he brought her?

Me: Don’t worry he didn’t suffer. Poppy made him another.

Nell: And on top of it all she receives a present.

Me: From Jim the Farm Dog?

Nell: No. From GOOD. Tony delivered it.

Me: What’s GOOD? The opposite to BAD?

Nell: In a way. It’s the Generally Obedient and Optimistic Division. Part of the UA, or United Animals.

Me: That’s a cautious name for an organisation, isn’t it?

Nell: Most animals mean well and everyone can slip up without actually being bad. GOOD takes that into account.

Me: I suppose it does. What was the present?

Nell: A bandana. Apparently GOOD has started a campaign showing support for all animals, even slightly naughty ones.

Me: It explains why Little Marvin is wearing one but I’m surprised the Beefies were included.

Nell: I suspect their bandanas are fakes. If it doesn’t have the GOOD logo it isn’t real.

Me: I’m glad Henry and Horst got one, even though they are insects.

Nell: Yes. I had another letter from their parents thanking me for afternoon tea the other day.

Me: How kind.

Nell: Apparently ‘Young David was most entertaining’. I quote.

Me: Good for Dave. Does Harriet’s bandana have sequins?

Nell: Why?

Me: I’m wondering if The Cat is involved in GOOD and Knitwear Wolf come to that.

Nell: A cat and a wolf? Try and be a little realistic.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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