A postcard from France

Me: It was lovely to see Tony again. It feels like ages since he was here last.

Nell: Yes. He put his back out so he was on bed rest. David knows not to jump up.

Me: They are the best of friends. I love seeing them together.

Nell: Did you see the postcard from France?

Me: No.

Nell: Malcolm and Susan are having a wonderful time. It’s a little too hot for their liking, but they are enjoying the food.

Me: I bet they are.

Nell: Malcolm is exceptionally fond of snails apparently. He has the beak for them.

Me: Rather him than me. When are they coming home?

Nell: Poppy is collecting them on Friday. Alejandro and Gladys wanted to join her but we’re not sure about visas. We don’t want Alejandro ending up in a French jail.

Me: He probably wouldn’t fit in the helicopter anyway. It’s not built for alpacas.

Nell: Of course he would. It’s a Chinook. David travels in it regularly.

Me: How did Poppy get access to such a large helicopter?

Nell: Best not to ask. Let’s just say she has friends in high places.

Me: She would if she’s flying helicopters.

Nell: Very funny. Have you completed your list?

Me: Yes, there are over 200 characters. Can you believe it?

Nell: Of course I can. I’m one of them.

Me: You’re the main one, to be honest.

Nell: It’s kind of you to say so, but we all have our part to play.

Me: Even Dominic Simmons?

Nell: Don’t remind me of that wretched creature with his pale eyes and sneaky ways.

Me: He’s a Siamese cat, Nell. And what about Marwood?

Nell: You can’t mention Marwood.

Me: Why?

Nell: He’s in the book. Nobody knows him yet.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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