A hot day

Nell: Now, today is going to be very hot.

Me: Yes. there have been warnings.

Nell: We must make sure everyone drinks plenty of water.

Me: Dave drank water for over 30 seconds. Kev counted.

Nell: David is a large animal. Bowls of water should be placed throughout the house and garden. Hats must be worn at all times when outside.

Me: You didn’t wear one down at the river.

Nell: It was shady. I had my hat in the car, if needed. What about your list of characters from our Conversations?

Me: Harriet and I have found over 100 characters and we haven’t even started on this year yet.

Nell: What can I say? Our world is a busy one.

Me: It certainly is. I hope I can post the list on our page but I will definitely put it on the website.

Nell: Well, you should be gathering email addresses anyway, so you can keep people informed about the book.

Me: Yes. I’m going to have to work out how to do that.

Nell: I believe there is a monkey who can help.

Me: Do you mean Mailchimp?

Nell: That might be his name. Ask Kev.

Me: How is Malcolm and Susan’s nest coming along?

Nell: It’s extremely large and cumbersome but it should be comfortable when The Cat has finished the cushions.

Me: Everyone has worked so hard on it.

Nell: Yes. Alejandro has been carrying panniers full of twigs to and fro, along with Gladys, of course. They are quite an attraction with the tourists.

Me: Does Gladys ride on his back then?

Nell: Yes. On a padded seat carrying a colourful parasol. She likes to give directions.

Me: Sounds like you.

Nell: I beg your pardon? Someone has to organise this family.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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