Harriet saves the day

Me: Why are you being so cross with Harriet?

Nell: I have just heard that Harriet was reckless and wild. She completely disobeyed orders and put her life and David’s in danger.

Me: Tell me what happened?

Nell: There was a little delay in getting the Devon Seagull to Beefy HQ. It was on wheels but could only move slowly and caused quite a back up of cars.

Me: David said visitors thought it was going to a carnival. You could see the top of its head moving along the country lanes.

Nell: Yes. The Welsh corgis were amazing. They pulled it along on ropes and sang all the way. Plucky little things. People clapped.

Me: Was Stephen Seagull pleased when he saw it?

Nell: Malcolm said he was extremely surprised when they arrived but, once he explained it was a present, he allowed it to be wheeled inside.

Me: I bet the Beefies were shocked when the owls flew out.

Nell: Yes, but Poppy and Gladys truly terrified them. Poppy was wearing her suit of armour, of course, and wielding her sword.

Me: Good for her.

Nell: Feathers were flying when Gladys leapt out in her fighting suit and started performing one of those twirling high kicking kung fu dances.

Me: I know the one you mean. How impressive.

Nell: Meanwhile Malcolm was trying to get to Susan when Stephen Seagull hit him with a large mackerel.

Me: Oh no.

Nell: He squealed and that’s when Harriet ran in.

Me: Harriet?

Nell: Yes. She heard Malcolm’s cry and dashed inside scattering Beefies everywhere, followed closely by David who wasn’t letting her go alone. She knocked Stephen Seagull to the ground and David carried Susan out to the car.

Me: How brave.

Nell: Maybe, but also reckless. As the flamboyance of flamingos descended from the sky Malcolm managed to get away with Poppy and Gladys and Mutley drove them all straight home.

Me: It sounds to me like Harriet saved the day.

Nell: Yes. Charlie said the same. But where has my gentle little Harriet gone? This isn’t the Harriet I know.

Me: She is still your Harriet. Just a tiny bit feistier.

Nell: You are right. Did David walk past carrying Gladys in my handbag with a mackerel in her teeth?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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