Poppy has a new house

Me: Poppy seems to like her new house.

Nell: Yes. David is guarding it. It’s not a palace but it does have a side window and it’s sturdy.

Me: Now, you know it’s your birthday tomorrow?

Nell: I do. There has been a great deal of whispering. Poppy has been baking all morning and The Cat is covered in glitter.

Me: I was wondering if we might celebrate today as well?

Nell: Why?

Me: Well, I have to go up to London tomorrow to the London Book Fair to meet my publisher.

Nell: I beg your pardon. And you are telling me this now?

Me: Yes.

Nell: I’m not coming with you, I can’t leave Charlie.

Me: I know but maybe next year when the book is out.

Nell: Are you aware that I’m going to be 7? A veteran.

Me: Yes. There was nothing I could do. I’ll be there in the morning for your birthday breakfast.

Nell: Will you be back in the evening?

Me: No. After the meeting I’m going to spend the weekend with my sister Charlotte.

Nell: I see. I suppose it means two parties.

Me: Yes. Three if you count breakfast.

Nell: Will there be steak?

Me: Yes, on your actual birthday and today Poppy has arranged afternoon tea with scones and your favourite sandwiches. There will be games by the fire later.

Nell: You will have to wear a hat.

Me: Of course. I even told your Bridge club and Dorothy from the Salcombe Setters says she will definitely be there.

Nell: As long as she isn’t bringing Marjorie. She casts caution to the wind after a couple of G and T’s. You don’t expect that from an elderly bulldog.

Me: I think Marjorie was a yes, too. Sorry.

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