Staying alert

Me: Did you enjoy the beach?

Nell: Yes, Mutley and I decided an invigorating swim would be of benefit to everyone. Apart from Malcolm and The Cat, of course, who don’t do swimming.

Me: Malcolm wades, doesn’t he?

Nell: In a quiet stream, or pond. Flamingos are not fond of waves. The only bathing The Cat does, of course, is in the sun and we haven’t seen much of that recently.

Me: Where was Poppy in that photo?

Nell: She had gone to investigate a rather suspicious looking whippet in a tweed coat. It appeared to be taking photos.

Me: Were her suspicions confirmed?

Nell: It ran away when it saw her sword but she is fairly sure it was working for the Daily Growl as it had a pencil behind its ear and dark glasses.

Me: It’s not the weather for sunglasses, is it?

Nell: Exactly.

Me: Didn’t Gladys want to come?

Nell: She’s gone out to lunch with Count Bingo Flamingo. As soon as he heard about the Beefy attack he swooped in and carried her off in my handbag.

Me: Gosh. I hope she is okay.

Nell: Yes. Fortunately she had her iBone with her so has been able to update us on WoofsApp. Apparently they are going to share a seafood platter down at Hope Cove later.

Me: Dave looks extremely alert. He is obviously watching over Harriet.

Nell: Yes. I must say this latest crisis has brought out the best in David.

Me: In what way?

Nell: He is hugely protective of us all and now that he is learning Jiu Jitsu with Chris he is beginning to channel his strength.

Me: Maybe he will start meditating?

Nell: Let’s try and stay a little realistic, shall we?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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