Find Ivy CV37

Me: That’s Ivy, isn’t it?

Nell: Yes. She has been missing since 12th December.

Me: But there have been sightings so she can still be found.

Nell: What is that dreadful noise?

Me: It is rather loud.

Nell: Look out of the window.

Me: I can’t believe I’m saying this but there are a group of seagulls outside wearing bonnets and knitted scarves and singing carols.

Nell: Don’t give them any money. They will only spend it on drink and cigarettes.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: It’s the Beefies latest scam. Gladys warned me about it. They were down at Hope Cove yesterday and saw them.

Me: What are they doing?

Nell: They’ve disguised themselves as carol singers only they are singing “Feed the Birds. Tuppence a bag.”

Me: Clever move capitalising on the new Mary Poppins film. What’s in the bag?

Nell: Fishcakes probably but that’s not the point. They are dreadful singers. People are paying them to go away.

Me: Scoundrels.

Nell: David and The Cat are on the case. They have launched their own group of carol singers. Harriet is a soloist and Jim is joining her for a duet. Gladys will perform a contemporary dance.

Me: Perfect.

Nell: All proceeds are going to DogLost. They help reunite dogs with their owners and are doing a wonderful job.

Me: They are trying to find Ivy the bearded collie, aren’t they? She was only just rescued from Romania.

Nell: Yes. As I said, Ivy went missing on Wednesday 12th Dec in the CV37 area near Stratford-upon-Avon in the UK.

Me: Please keep looking. Just search for “please find lost Ivy CV37” on Facebook for updates. If you see her let them know.

Nell: Everyone needs to be with family at Christmas.

Me: Yes. They do and Ivy needs to be with Lorna.

Nell: No tears. We have to believe Ivy will be found.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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