Harriet is cheeky

Nell: Well, I’m surprised at Harriet.

Me: Why?

Nell: She stuck her tongue out at me during morning announcements.

Me: Surely not. You must be mistaken.

Nell: She is over excited because Chris is arriving from Canada next Monday. It’s making her quite giddy.

Me: She does have a special place in his heart.

Nell: We all do.

Me: I know but Harriet wasn’t well when she was young and he would always cuddle her. She even slept on his bed.

Nell: That was over a year ago. When I explained she would not be sharing his room this time she stuck her tongue out and whispered “We shall see.”

Me: Gosh.

Nell: And then she winked at The Cat and gave a paws up to David.

Me: I rather like Naughty Harriet. She can’t be good all the time.

Nell: She is going through a cheeky phase. She’s started wearing knitted hats. You know her latest craze is reggae?

Me: Really? I love reggae.

Nell: Oh yes. David and his friend AJ, the gardening Afghan, are teaching her a few Dog Marley songs.

Me: You mean Bob Marley.

Nell: No. Dog Marley is a long haired Bergamasco. He sings in a Jamaican accent which is odd as he is from the Italian alps.

Me: Does he ask you to pass the beer can?

Nell: He doesn’t drink beer. A little rum, perhaps.

Me: No. Beer can is bacon in a Jamaican accent.

Nell: Why are you talking about bacon? Honestly, I despair of you sometimes. We are trying to organise room allocations for Chris’s visit.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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