Dave is not happy

Me: Dave is giving me a disapproving stare.

Nell: Yes. You stopped him from destroying his blanket.

Me: He shouldn’t be doing that.

Nell: It’s a comfort thing.

Me: But he drags it everywhere, Nell.

Nell: You wouldn’t complain if it was a teddy bear.

Me: No. I probably wouldn’t.

Nell: Or an octopus.

Me: I’m not sure why you chose an octopus just then.

Nell: The last toy he destroyed was an octopus type toy. It had long legs.

Me: Oh yes. I remember.

Nell: Anyway, a blanket takes longer. Be thankful.

Me: True. But he dragged it through the water bowls and there was water everywhere.

Nell: There isn’t any water on the floor now.

Me: No. Because it’s all on the blanket.

Nell: So he mopped up after himself. I don’t blame him for giving you a stare.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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