Wimbledon Ladies Final

Me: Where are you now?

Nell: We are on our way to Wimbledon. Meghan and Kate are meeting us there. I want to stop off at Harvey Tickles for a few items and we may take tea at The Pawchester if we have time.

Me: Good.

Nell: It’s a shame the boys can’t make it. Harriet was so hoping to see Harry again and William is such a dear responsible boy.

Me: Yes. Will you be cheering for Serena?

Nell: May the best player win. I will be delighted if Serena wins as she is a friend, but if Angelique defeats her then the title is rightfully hers.

Me: Very diplomatic. How did it go at lunch yesterday?

Nell: There were a few awkward moments. Unfortunate remarks had been made to the Press. Fortunately I managed to diffuse the situation.

Me: How?

Nell: Devon fudge. Poppy’s recipe. I always carry a few boxes in my handbag. Made with clotted cream of course.

Me: Naturally.

Nell: One cannot talk when chewing fudge. The perfect distraction. Donald had never tried it before so I gave him a box to take home. I think Melania will appreciate it.

Me: Do you know when you will be home?

Nell: James will collect us straight after the match so we should be back by this evening. Gareth knows I am going to have to watch the football later but he is going to update me by text.

Me: Then you can relax.

Nell: Hopefully. Anyway, I can’t chat as I’ve got Rafa on hold.

Me: Do you mean Rafa Nadal?

Nell: Of course, I’ve been advising him for years and his match with Djokovic starts again at 1pm. Do keep up.

Me: Yes, sorry.

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