Together again

Nell: It’s good to be home. Pass me the Sunday papers would you? I must say Poppy has excelled herself with these croissants. Delicious.

Me: Yes. The jam is yummy. Is it Poppy’s?

Nell: No. Farmers Market. There’s a very pleasant Golden Retriever who grows her own fruit.

Me: Well, it’s lovely.

Nell: I am looking forward to a quiet day and Poppy’s roast. I chose chicken. Organic, free range.

Me: Farmers Market?

Nell: No, from the farm next door.

Me: Jim will have made sure it’s a good one. He always wants the best for Harriet.

Nell: She is still very young and he is a farm dog. They come from two different worlds.

Me: We had a lovely time on the beach yesterday evening, didn’t we? Dave just ran and ran. He was so happy.

Nell: Yes. David was in his element. Exciting as it is to travel there is nothing like coming home.

Me: Very true.

Nell: As I said to the puppies: “Home is not a place. It’s a feeling.” However far away we might travel, our hearts will always be here.

Me: You are right. My heart has always stayed in Devon and when we moved here it felt like coming home.

Nell: Exactly. On another note Mutley hasn’t invited The Cat again, has he? Only last night’s karaoke was too much. Whatever possessed The Cat and David to sing “Barcelona”?

Me: I quite liked it.

Nell: But all those sequins and David was wearing a moustache? Whatever next?

Me: Don’t worry. The Cat is visiting an aunt in Truro.

Nell: Just us then. Perfect.

Me: Actually there is someone else. He called while you were away and I suggested he visited today.

Nell: Who?

Me: Charlie.

Nell: Where’s my handbag? I need to look my best. Stop smiling like a dog who’s got the biscuit. Tell Poppy we have an extra guest for lunch and ask Harriet to come and brush my hair. You had to interfere, didn’t you?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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