Getting ready

Me: What are Kev and Dave doing out there?

Nell: Getting the front garden ready for grandson Jonathan’s visit. He hasn’t been walking that long so we are worried he might fall.

Me: That’s kind.

Nell: David offered to help as most of the holes are down to his and Harriet’s over enthusiastic gardening.

Me: True. You had a lovely day with Charlie yesterday, didn’t you? Where is he off to now?

Nell: You know he can’t talk about work.

Me: It’s a shame he couldn’t stay longer. You two seemed to be getting on so well.

Nell: It was lovely to see him again but he is needed elsewhere. Duty calls.

Me: I suppose that’s the downside of dating James Bond.

Nell: Just concentrate on your daughter and grandson’s visit and stop interfering in my love life. What time are they arriving at Heathrow tomorrow?

Me: Lunchtime. I will leave first thing.

Nell: Poppy will pack a picnic. Jonathan is nearly two now so he will appreciate cake.

Me: Yes, and so will Alice.

Nell: Harriet has drawn a picture and David has made him a hat. I’ve removed the sequins.

Me: Perfect.

Nell: Can you drop Mutley off at The Queen’s Terminal please before you collect Alice and Jonathan. He has to fly to New York. Barker King are trying to muscle in on one of the Pizza Mutt deals.

Me: How rude. Yes, of course.

Nell: The puppies are over excited about this visit. I asked them for ideas. Harriet wants to take Jonathan to the beach and Jim wants to show him the farm tractors.

Me: Good.

Nell: Yes. David, however, has suggested kitesurfing and a night out on the town with The Cat. Ridiculous.

Me: Jonathan likes cats.

Nell: Well, he is still very young so we must make allowances. Poppy will teach him baking and Mutley will read stories in the hammock.

Me: And you?

Nell: I shall watch over him. It’s what I do best. You know that.

Me: Yes, I do. Sorry.

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