Tony is back

Me: Look how happy Dave is!

Nell: Yes, when David heard Tony’s van arrive he threw caution to the wind and ran to the door.

Me: Well, he had waited an awfully long time. Days and days.

Nell: Yes, I am aware. Mutley was taking notes as I am indisposed due to my ear infection and was resting on the sofa.

Me: Quite right, too. You have to rest.

Nell: David threw himself into Tony’s arms with complete abandon.

Me: They are best friends, though, Nell. I am so glad they are reunited.

Nell: That’s all well and good, but labradors are not terriers. We exercise restraint.

Me: I think you are very harsh, Nell. Perhaps your ears are making you grumpy.

Nell: Grumpy! I am stoic. The vet said so.

Me: The vet said she wished you weren’t so stoic as then we would have noticed you were in pain before now.

Nell: I am not one to make a fuss. A labrador endures.

Me: Well, the result is no swimming for a week.

Nell: Whatever the vet advises. I bow to her authority.

Me: And no more of that suffering in silence.

Nell: It’s called stoicism. Look it up.

Me: You could bow to my authority too, now and again.

Nell: Don’t be silly. Have you got my copy of Good Housekeeping?

Me: I thought I put it next to the sofa.

Nell: You forgot. My hot water bottle has gone a little cold too.

Me: Yes, sorry.

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