Nell: If David approaches you please turn away.

Me: Why would I do that?

Nell: He overstepped the line yesterday on numerous occasions so I am having to draw boundaries.

Me: Do you mean with my sister?

Nell: Of course I do. I can understand a little excitement when a guest arrives. Especially family. 

Me: He was pleased to see her. Mind you, So was Harriet.

Nell: Don’t worry. Harriet is on a warning too but she at least calmed down after a while.

Me: He did take a shine to her.

Nell: Take a shine! David climbed on her lap at every possible opportunity.

Me: And he’s not exactly small.

Nell: I was ashamed. Especially when she asked me what I thought of it.

Me: She knows you keep a close eye on the puppies.

Nell: I didn’t know where to look. I couldn’t betray you to your own sister.

Me: Betray me? What have I done?

Nell: You know perfectly well. Where does David sit when you are in the living room?

Me: Lots of places.

Nell: And his favourite place.

Me: On my lap.

Nell: Stop whispering. Did you say on my lap?

Me: Yes. It’s very squashed but he likes to be close to me.

Nell: Hopeless. I don’t sit on your lap. Neither does Harriet.

Me: You could if you wanted to. Poppy does.

Nell: Good grief. We are not using Poppy as an example. She is the size of a soft toy and never listens to anyone.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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