The Easter Terrier

Nell: Poppy has gone too far this time.

Me: What has she done?

Nell: I was teaching David and Harriet all about Easter. It is an exceptionally dangerous holiday for dogs as you know.

Me: Yes. All that chocolate.

Nell: I told them about the Easter Bunny hiding chocolate eggs for children to find. And if they ever did find one they must never touch it.

Me: Quite right.

Nell: Anyway, Harriet says I am not to worry because of the Easter Terrier.

Me: The what?

Nell: Poppy told them that there is a fierce Easter Terrier who waits for the Easter Bunny and boxes its ears if it goes near dogs.

Me: Goodness me!

Nell: David and Harriet are absolutely delighted. Especially Harriet. She keeps asking Poppy to tell her the story. They even want to go out later to see if they can find it.

Me: Well, I’ve got to say I quite like the idea too.

Nell: You would.

Me: Is it because it’s not a labrador?

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: Would you be happier then?

Nell: I worry about you sometimes. Just wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Me: Happy Easter to you and yours from us all. And don’t go near the Easter Terrier.

Nell: Stop!

Me: Sorry.

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