Where is Sally?

Me: I’m not sure if going down to the beach yesterday afternoon and staring longingly at the island was a good idea.

Nell: It’s what David wanted us to do.

Me: We were never going to see Sally from there.

Nell: He says he felt nearer to her.

Me: We don’t even know if Stephen Seagull and the Beefies are telling the truth. It might have been another Golden Retriever.

Nell: Or another lion.

Me: No, it was definitely Lionel King. It’s just the kind of thing he would do.

Nell: What? Have dinner with a beautiful Golden Retriever?

Me: No, try and steal somebody else’s betrothed.

Nell: You just said it might not be Sally.

Me: It’s not like he hasn’t tried it before. Taking you away from Knitwear Wolf.

Nell: I wasn’t with Rupert.

Me: Well, you jolly well should be.

Nell: This is getting us nowhere. We need to take action.

Me: What do you mean?

Nell: Which is why David and I have decided to go over to the island.

Me: I don’t like the sound of that at all.

Nell: If Sally is there we can have a quick chat with her and sort out any misunderstandings.

Me: If Sally is there and hasn’t told Dave then she doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Nell: She won’t mind a quick cup of Earl Grey and the odd scone.

Me: How did afternoon tea come into this?

Nell: You can’t go to the Burgh Island Hotel without popping in for tea. Besides, David and I will be tired from the journey.

Me: Are you taking Harriet with you?

Nell: No. She’s not here.

Me: Where is she?

Nell: Off on some kind of mission, I expect. You know what spies are like. Dreadfully secretive.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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