Always Wear A Hat

Me: Why are we in the field?

Nell: I need a quiet talk with you alone.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Word has come to me that not only were you at the Cottage Hotel yesterday, without me again I hasten to add, but you were also photographed sitting on the beach like Mrs No Friends and swimming without a hat.

Me: It was cloudy, Nell. I was wrapped up and wearing my factor 50 suncream and Mrs No Friends is a bit harsh.

Nell: What about your hat?

Me: I took it off briefly when I was swimming in the sea.

Nell: And when you were with Faye.

Me: She needed a Granny cuddle and it had started raining.

Nell: All the more reason to wear a hat. Do you think the Welsh Corgi Choir could survive Sunday Songs without their hats?

Me: They survived being knocked down by a boulder so I don’t think being hatless in the rain is going to bother them.

Nell: You have to be careful.

Me: It was nearly 4pm. It’s the midday sun I need to avoid and it wasn’t even sunny.

Nell: I worry about you.

Me: The doctors told me I need to live my life and enjoying special times with the family is good for my well being.

Nell: You still need to be careful.

Me: Was Our Penguin spying on me again?

Nell: He might have been and it wasn’t spying. He’s part of your Protection Unit?

Me: Protection unit?

Nell: It’s a Land, Sea and Air operation.

Me: Seriously?

Nell: You don’t think I’m going to let you out and about unprotected, do you?

Me: You’ll be involving Henry and Horst next.

Nell: Why do you think I needed you to wear your hat?

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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